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About me

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My name is Martin Hauri or simply Tinu. I originally come from Aargau and discovered Arosa over 20 years ago. As the saying goes: once Arosa, always Arosa! I have been involved in volleyball for over 25 years, whether as a player, coach or both. In winter I work at the Swiss ski and snowboard school in Arosa. Snowboarding and skiing are two of my great passions. In summer it is hiking and biking.

I worked in SAP Consulting and Process Engineering for many years and the urge to leave the office and work outdoors grew every day. At first I was happy with winter work, but now I look forward to enjoying the beautiful nature all year round. The magical mountains, the beautiful forests with all their colors in the different seasons and the mountain lakes, which certainly have their charm.

I would be happy to show you all the possibilities that this beautiful region offers.

Giving Back
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From A to Z

Whether on the Weisshorn, Hörnli, Schiesshorn or simply directly to Chur. I feel at home here and know almost every corner. Enjoy a wonderful time with me in the mountains.

Whether you are mountain biking or hiking, I will cater to your needs and wishes, because at the end of the day everyone should be satisfied and fall into their well-deserved sleep with a good feeling.

The region is very diverse and offers various surprises for all visitors.

Be carefree in Wonderland

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The human being at the centre

For me, the atmosphere and the team spirit were the most important things at all of my employers. Performance and therefore productivity are much higher when a team works well together. I became aware of this in the field of sport and it can be applied to every area of life. Life is always about decisions - I chose my health and happiness. The mountains are my elixir of life.

A healthy diet is very important to me. Constant movement of my body is another important component. Positive thinking and good thoughts are the third pillar.

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